Welcome to Stellar Music School’s blog!

It has been such a joy for me to teach music since I was a teenager myself, and this year my journey has progressed with the formation of my own music school, where instrumental studies can be taught vibrantly, joyfully and effectively.  I particularly believe in the community aspect of music, so lessons are taught in small groups, which encourages children to keep practising (to keep up with their class!) as well as to enjoy music making together, and to practically experience fundamentals of music such as harmony, rhythm and ensemble playing.

Part of my journey as a teacher has been to realise that I need to teach more than just in the classroom.

I need to also teach students how to practise effectively at home.

And this is the purpose of this blog: to further encourage and educate both students and parents in how to learn and maintain effective practice techniques at home.

I do write as a non-parent, so I don’t fully understand the level of exhaustion that may diminish your motivation in nagging children to practise, but I hope that the ideas which we put forward in this blog may give inspiration and encouragement, so that your money in paying for music lessons is also being well used by having a happily practising child.

There will also be guest posts by other Stellar teachers and members of the Stellar community.  I’m particularly excited that one of our advanced teenage students will be giving her own suggestions on how she has achieved so much in her practice times.

Feel free to give feedback, as we’d love to know what worked with your child, or what your children might have discovered.  We all have different learning styles, so different strategies will be effective for different personalities.

Most of all, enjoy!  You’ve taken the first step in prioritising music education in your child’s life.  I want to help your children to fully realise their potential and enjoy achieving goals and making progress!