There are a myriad of opportunities to experience music in other ways than a private or small group lesson.

Most schools have visiting performers who come round to share an experience or show.  Many councils have holiday programs; professional orchestras (and even community orchestras) tend to have children’s programmes.  These days most suburbs seem to have a holiday “Rock School”.

There is much to be gained (as well as generating more enthusiasm for your child’s instrument, and for music in general) by providing extra-curricular opportunities.  The occasional trip to a ballet, orchestra concert or rock concert will inspire, and investing in some sort of holiday programme will also round out your child’s musical experiences.

There are many options available, and at Stellar we are also offering various courses to excite and enthuse: see http://www.stellarmusicschool.com.au/holiday-workshops

There are many studies showing that music education has a flow-on effect in other areas of learning, with a Wikipedia article on music lessons saying that “a recent Rockefeller Foundation Study found that music majors have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools, followed by biochemistry and the humanities.”

I’m practising what I preach and will be off to Hobart at the end of next week to take part in some concerts and workshops at the Festival of Voices (http://www.festivalofvoices.com/).  I particularly need to stay fresh and learn more if I am to inspire the next generation and be the best educator I can.

Above all, keep having fun!  Enjoy making music with siblings or friends.


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