Another P-word… PASSION!

One of the joys of my life and work is the opportunity to daily speak into young people’s lives.

I love hearing my students’ dreams and hopes for the future.  Sometimes they are musical, sometimes not.

There is one family in which I teach both boys.  They come tearing in every Monday, words tumbling over each other as they rush to tell me of their successes (and rare failures) on the cricket pitch the day before.

I love how much it means to them to share this part of their lives with me.  I have no clue about cricket, but I feel that reciprocity is important in our relationship – I share my love of music; they share their love of sport.

Occasionally our passions intercept.

I think that all of those reality/talent shows (Australia’s Got Talent/The Voice/X-Factor etc etc etc) have a lot to answer for, but they can be useful in igniting children’s passion for achieving musical goals.

I love it when my students see a certain act and say “I could do that!”  Then it is my job to impart the skills and help them to achieve that goal.

What an honour, that a young person can share their dream with me, and I can say “Fantastic!  What do we need to do to make that happen?”  Often in my life, I have achieved a goal because someone I cared about didn’t think that I could.  How much more exciting that my students might one day remember that from the beginning, I believed that they could do anything that they set their minds to and worked for.  (Ahh, there are those other P-words again – PRACTISE and PERSEVERANCE!)

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