Teaching by example

One of the most important roles I have as a piano teacher is sometimes nothing to do with music at all, but relates to how I conduct myself.

It is incredibly humbling but also very challenging to realise again how much little eyes see and take in.

At Stellar Music School, we try to have a social conscience.  Since the beginning, we have supported a charity in Sydney which uses music, drama and art to help children to deal with the trauma which they may have experienced.  Last year we did some extra fund-raising and collected music and musical instruments for me to take to Ghana when I went to help a music school there.

A mother recently told me a story about her five year old, one of my pupils.

Zoe had noticed the collection we took up at our concerts twice a year, and she apparently prepared her own concert at home, practising several of her pieces and inviting family and friends to come and make a donation to the Guide Dogs.

It never occurred to me that anyone really noticed, much less acted on some of the little things which I have been so intentional about when starting my little music school, but this was a wonderful reminder, and a reminder of how ideally, music brings people together and creates something of beauty.