Katy Perry – a review

I guess one of the perks of having a blog is that I can write about whatever I please.
And one of the perks of making a musical living and teaching music is that I am constantly educating myself in ways such as last night attending the New York leg of Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour.

I felt a little misplaced among the tweens and teens in their blue wigs, purple wigs, cat ears, tutus, and brand new Prismatic T-shirts (one teen couldn’t, it appeared, wait for a rest room, but stripped off her old t-shirt to put on her new Prismatic T right on the concourse of the Garden).

However, once seated, I didn’t feel too out of place amongst many mums, dads, reluctant boyfriends and of course thousands of girls.

Mostly what I know about Katy Perry involves her romantic partners and her songs that many of our Stellar students like to sing.

Ms Perry certainly put on a spectacular show; skipping, running on a travellator, dancing, twerking, flying or swinging through the air, all while singing, for over two hours.

She sure can write a hit. I recognised and enjoyed all of her anthemic hit songs, accompanied by acrobatics, dancers, and floating inflatable props.

I expected to sing and dance, but I didn’t expect to cry.

Katy spoke honestly about past difficult seasons in her life, and how often it was the tweets or instagrams of fans (she even named one handle) which inspired her to get out of bed.
She dedicated several songs to her fans, and also did a “pinkie promise” with the audience that she did love us unconditionally, before going on to sing the song of that name.

Considering her audience, I thought it unnecessary that she and both her opening acts used the f-word.

However, apart from that, Ms Perry’s show was completely inspirational. Her lyrics are often about life’s possibilities, and she promised from the stage that this is America, and that any of the audience may one day stand on this very stage.

All in all, I loved the evening and am blessed to have experienced such a fine performance, and to be able to bring this knowledge and inspiration back to our Stellar singing students.