Exams: pros and cons

This week marks an exciting time for Stellar Music School, when members of two classes will be sitting for their first AMEB piano exams.  Most of these children began with the school, and have now reached the Preliminary level.

We specialise in classes at Stellar Music School, as we feel that music should be a shared experience, quite apart from the healthy competition which can be a great motivator in inducing practice!

Exams are not compulsory at our school.  I love it when parents agree that no formal goals are necessary; and that their children should learn for pleasure.  A weakness of the exam system and the unmotivated student can however mean that a student only learns three pieces a year.  This can prove quite soul-destroying for the passionate teacher!

However, I must comment on the fact that my exam students have achieved more than I would have thought possible in the last few weeks!  Their pieces have been fine-tuned to a higher than usual degree.

It remains to be seen how we all perform next Saturday, but already I am extremely proud of these students and their achievement!


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