Never stop learning!

Carillon music

When I was a child, I thought that life had a destination.

I imagined that at some point, I would finally have all the answers, and would arrive.

It has been a journey to discover that even arriving at adulthood does not guarantee a complete understanding of life!


One thing that I have noticed over recent years is that I am obsessed with knowledge. I love learning new skills, reading new information, and trying new things.

One of the subjects that has fascinated me of late is the increasingly popular study of neuroscience, and in particular, the studies concerning musical education and neuroscience.

It has been shown that the benefits of musical education in a child’s early years are many and long-lasting.

And one of these benefits is that music learners tend to be life-long learners!

I can look back to see that this is true of my own life so far.

Less than 2 years ago, I began to study a new musical instrument – the carillon. I have worked hard, and in recent months gained my qualification as Honorary Carillonist at Sydney University.

And now this week, I have been fortunate enough to visit the Riverside Church, New York City, and was able to play on this magnificent instrument; the largest carillon in the world. The bells are so massive that you can see me almost standing to sound the pedals.


I would encourage all of our students to relish their studies and to embrace all new learning as they become life-long learners!




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